About Shelbi

So, what do you want to know? I’m a wife, a mother, a recovering perfectionist (recovering VERY well, thank you -as you’ve probably already noticed)… Why is it so tough to decide what to put here, anyway? If someone else wrote this, they’d probably mention that I grew up in the Midwest and call Des Moines my home more than anywhere else, but am currently enjoying being a Minnesota girl (who may at one time have had more than a passing admiration of Garrison Keillor, but that is neither here nor there…). I’m not going to tell you my age, because that would require updates every year or so, and well… that doesn’t always go so well and I have this thing for accuracy. We’ll just say that I’m old enough to see some grey in my hair and young enough to think that is a good thing.

My family -my husband, who I wake up loving more every day, is a missionary kid who grew up in Amazonia and carries a part of that with him still. He is a Spanish teacher at an online Christian academy. My children -there are three, are in elementary school, two girls and one little boy. They keep me busy and help me remember that promise I made to myself when I was seven to not forget what it was like to be their age and mother them with that in mind.

It’s far from the life I planned when I was fourteen, but I really enjoy this plan better than mine, which was to remain single life-long and teach missionary kids overseas. Fortunately God saw that I’d be quite the mess left to myself, and assigned me a family who are exactly what I need to grow in grace and love. Vestiges of that fourteen-year-old’s plan came to be, though. Our family is mission-oriented, and we have enjoyed many opportunities to share our home and our family wherever we’ve been, which in the last 17 years has included Dallas, Texas; Des Moines, Iowa; Walnut Creek, California; Oostburg, Wisconsin; Phoenix, Arizona; and our current home in southwest Minnesota. Our family spent a summer in Canada serving with North America Indigenous Mission, and we continue to feel a specific call to serve among the many peoples who identify as Native Americans. Our family looks at pretty much everywhere as an opportunity to serve and share our home and family -and we’ve had plenty of diverse places to practice that calling.

Part of that calling, for me personally, is here -learning to journal the sojourn. I’m here to tell His story -wherever that entails, whomever it involves, whatever stories weave their way through my life and heart. Not sure at this point where that will lead, but I’m trusting that God is keeping the map for me and will direct me where to go, a step at at time, until the sojourn becomes eternity, and this journey, as they say, will be history.

And, yes, I know this is too long (so much for having nothing to say… Just be glad you weren’t in my college speech class where I was known to give seven-minute speeches when the guideline given was three), but I’ll come back and revise it later.

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