So this year, I’m on a mission. A journey, sort of.

I’m on the path to figure out where joy comes from.

I’ve run into it a few times, but it’s never revealed its home. It never lets on where it lives, where it originates. I know the Sunday School answer on how to find it, but what I need is an address. I need a map. A way to move right next door …no, what I really want is to live in its spare bedroom.

Maybe joy lives in an RV. That’s how it would seem, though I’m never sure when joy leaves whether it’s she that left, or I. I suspect that it’s been me on the move, drifting away like an untied canoe on a flood-swollen river, helpless and oarless to get back to shore.

I want to figure out where joy comes from. Where my joy comes from. What brings that spark of life into my soul that warms everything inside and around me. Maybe it won’t take all year, maybe it’ll take longer, but I’m feeling like I’m on my way. Here we go.

One thought on “So this year, I’m on a mission. A journey, sort of.

  1. I’ve read (and with our son, seen) that children are joy experts. A simple fly swatter can bring giggles and smiles as he experiments with his surroundings. 🙂
    Joy brings new glasses to see that ant that’s always running about as a glistening amber drop running up the tree, highlighted in the sun. Just an ordinary ant, yet extraordinary in its detail.

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