Dusting Off -a ramble

So, I came back here this morning to blow off the dust and do some blog housecleaning. I’m home from class, due to waking up feeling rather wretched –and we’re getting the season’s first dump of snow today. Both things coincided, so I’m home with a (now cold) cup of coffee and a computer on my lap.

I’ve discovered after a couple semesters of writing countless papers that blogging –journaling, for that matter, which is what a lot of my blog posts tend toward– is an entirely different animal than writing a formal essay. I’ve looked back at some old posts, discarded a few that either are no longer relevant or are just so badly written that they’re plain embarrassing to me now.

I’d like this blog to be more of a writing-home after the schooling is done, a sort of self-published place to throw out ideas and stretch my legs before I go for a more formal writing run, so to speak. I’d like to make this into something as incredibly powerful as the other blogs I bounce around from time to time, but I’m not sure how realistic that hope is. When I’m asked about what I want to do after I have my degree, my first desire would be to join the Ann Voskamps, the Glennon Mellons, the Jen Hatmakers of the world and make my blog A Thing (in my own voice of course -if those ladies have taught me anything, it’s that as many wanna-be writers there are, there are about that many people with something significant to say), but …that’s like a high school football player hoping that someday he’ll be recruited into the NFL as a freshman in college.

I might be sinking into my characteristic Eeyore-ish disappointment-avoidance mode here, but I think that I’m being realistic. I’m likely going to be doing my time somewhere writing copy or doing work that isn’t my first choice. I’m old enough to have walked that road. And fame isn’t my desire, influence is. Influence can be had in small circles as powerfully as larger ones –sometimes more so. By “influence,” I mean being a channel of the heart of God into someone’s life. That sounds pretty grand put on a page, but it’s the best way I can put my heart’s desire into a single sentence.

Two things I’m hoping to find after school is done (May 2017 is my plan): a mentor, and a writing community. If I walk across the stage with those two things in place, I’ll feel a lot better about my future as a writer. However, they’re not things they automatically hand you or even give you instructions on finding. …Maybe I can change that. We’ll see. For now, I’ll sign off from the Home of Shameless Rambles (…maybe I should revert back to my “Flaming Edna’s House of Blog” days and make that my new blog title. …Nah.).