Remembering / Not Forgetting

So I’ve been accidentally working on the chunk of story I spawned in Fiction Writing class a couple years ago that someday might grow into at least a small novel. If you’ve read Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird, …this is my “Arthur.” If you’ve read the book, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s a special kind of awkward right now, a happy little mess that I can’t quite leave alone yet. In the last couple days driving I’ve had a few ideas, and I’m finally (!) learning to have something with which to take down all the mental sticky-notes of ideas and words and stuff floating around in my head. Right now, it’s my evernote app on my phone (no pen necessary, and I always have my phone with me).

So this happened yesterday… I’m thinking it’ll go somewhere in the beginning. Or maybe I’ll keep it for something else. Whatever.

Remembering and Not Forgetting

I remember and I do not forget.

Remembering is the thought that floats by unexpectedly on the breezes of the day,

snagging the chain on the light in your soul

as it sinks into consciousness.

Not forgetting is an act of the will.

It’s the effort to capture the echoes of a lost love’s voice in the ear of your mind.

These are the things I remember,

and the things I will not forget.