questions and answers

Found this by accident as I was looking for something to listen to tonight. Beautiful song, but so lost. There’s a questioning that presumes an answer, a questioning that hopes for an answer, and there’s a questioning to spite the answer. I’m not sure what spirit this song comes from yet. I’m fairly sure it’s one of the first two.

Source of all we hope or dread
Sheepdog, jackal, rattler, swan
We hunt your face and long to trust
That your hid mouth will say again
let there be light
A clear new day

But when we thirst in this dry night
We drink from hot wells
poisoned with the blood of children
And when we strain to hear a steady homing beam
Our ears are balked by stifled moans
And howls of desolation
from the throats of sisters, brothers,
wild men
Clawing at the gates for bread

Even our own feeble hands
Aim to seize the crown you wear
And work our private havoc through
The known and unknown lands of space
Absolute in flame beyond us
Seed and source of dark and day
Maker whom we beg to be
Our mother father comrade mate
Til our few atoms blow to dust
Or form again in wiser lives
Or find your face and hear our name
In your calm voice the end of night
If dark may end
Wellspring gold of dark and day
Be here, be now


4 thoughts on “questions and answers

  1. This song reminds me that we have our focus on what we see in the world around us and do not know to focus on God, we have a very dark view of life and what is happening to the kingdom of the world. God is light and there is no darkness at all in Him. He is always at work. His kingdom is invisible, but it is in those who trust in Him. When our focus is on this dying world, all we are able to see is darkness and sadness. I love James Taylor’s music and he has a beautiful voice, but to me this comes from a very dark place.

  2. Yeah, I definitely didn’t put it up because it’s good theology :).
    It’s just an excellent example of beauty showing up in a place of lostness –the evidence that beauty can be found in this world, even in the lost things, because we’re all born with a desire to find the Truth. We’re all made in the image of God, even the lost ones of us :).
    I feel for whoever wrote this –there’s bits of truth in the lyrics. We all do at some point wish to be God. I think that’s the root of sin and pride in a nutshell. I think the wandering pointlessness of this song shows the folly in that. It’s obvious the writer (don’t know if it was JT or someone else) hasn’t found the answer yet.
    It’s not a preachy song –it’s questioning. Sometimes I think we get so comfortable with how easy it is for us to find Truth that we forget how lost a lot of the world is and we forget how lost we once were. We take things for granted. This song is a reminder, and it’s why I put it up. Just didn’t have the time last night to write all that together. 🙂

  3. Read the first paragraph of my comment: let me clarify, knowing that you (mom) are a concrete thinker, and I tend to be more abstract and assume people know what I mean. 🙂 –Dark is dark. Light is light. There is, indeed, no light in darkness. Still, it seems, that image of God that is in all of us, however warped, twisted, damaged, stained, it is –is still THERE. That’s what amazes me. We’re still redeemable, and, while we were (all) yet sinners, Christ loved us.

  4. Thanks for posting this Shelbi. I personally love it. I see great hope in it because I also see it as man’s searching for something. But something we don’t even know is missing. It seems to me that the desire to keep on searching, whether for dark or light, is what prepares us to receive the Truth. God is the Great Revelator of Himself. He is constantly transmitting Himself, looking for a receiver. I guess I am an absract thinker trying to break out of the concrete formed by man’s religion.

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