a call for HELP! …anyone a digital scrapbooker??

I’m on the edge of an addiction. I can feel it. I just can’t get this whole digital scrapbooking thing to fall together. You’d think a former graphic artist well versed in (very old) computers would get this sort of thing easier. I’m not.

With my birthday money, I bought myself a Wacom tablet (a small one) that came with Photoshop Elements v. 5.0. I worked with the full version of Photoshop back in the day. Okay, it was 1996 just after Win ’95 came out. …I remember rearranging the icons on the Windows desktop so it looked just like an Apple desktop, so irked was I that they stole the idea. At least my Mac had that cool application that had Oscar the Grouch popping out and singing ‘I Love Trash’ when you put something in the trash can. I called our resident PC the “Fake Mac.” Yeah, I digress …but puh-leeze. ‘Recycle Bin’?? Who did Bill Gates think he was kidding?

Anyway, I figured it couldn’t be that hard to pick this thing up and run. The idea of being able to jettison (or, better yet, sell) my “wheeled behemoth” of paper scrapping supplies is very, very appealing. When I bought our new computer, I bought it with the idea of doing this sort of thing, so I have the computer power now to do this. So why am I not getting it???

Simple. I have no manual!!! I have all these websites with mini-tutorials showing me how do to one specific thing or do one specific page, but no one to give me a big-picture idea of what I can do with this. I need to find a tutorial for Photoshop, I guess. It drives me batty that there are all these buttons and menus and tools that I don’t have a CLUE how to use. It’s like driving a Porsche when you’ve only driven a riding lawn mower. You know you can do things faster, it’s just that you don’t know what the capabilities are yet. Know what I mean?

So, if any of you out there know what you’re doing, let me in on some tips, will you? Thanks.

One more thing. I’m an old-school simple Creative Memories kinda girl. Used to be a consultant, actually. So, all these mega-multi-layered super-busy layouts are totally Not. My. Thing. Even if all the fancy “papers” and junk do come free. It still gives me headaches. My paper albums are pretty much pictures accented by a little paper, and lots and lots of journaling, with an artsy page about every 5 pages or so. I’d like to keep the digital ones pretty much the same way. I’ve already checked out www.freedigitalscrapbooking.com –lots of good ideas and things to start, but I’m still underestimating the learning curve, I guess. Their pages are still too busy for my taste. If I ever do get a decent layout and can figure a way to post it, I’ll throw it on here so you can see what it looks like. For now, I guess I’ll just keep remembering that this is supposed to be fun :).