Dirt and Forgiveness

I think I got an idea for my next writing project last night. You know how I’ve made a couple angst-filled posts on school shootings and how I’m sick and tired of adults not effectively listening and helping kids deal with each other? There you go. I can’t think of a single book written by a kid who survived adolescence as an outcast that details how to survive it and what good can come of it. So, maybe I’ll just do that. There are a lot of hurting kids who need someone to help guide them through the junk they have to deal with …and unfortunately, sometimes, parents forget. So, with that goal, I’m thinking I’ll write something (article or book …depends on how much comes out once the dam breaks) to kids who are suffering from their peers being jerks. The first thing I’m thinking -dirt and forgiveness. Anyone want to venture a guess on the connection there? If I can keep it from being too autobiographical, I think it’ll be fun. I’m not a psychologist, but I have been-there-done-that and made it through. Anyone want to write a companion on what it’s like to be on the other side? I know there’s the movie “Mean Girls,” which I thought was loooong overdue… well, I’ve got kids to bring to school and a floor to clean.


Well, looks like someone beat me to the punch. Google Jodee Blanco. Apparently she’s written a pretty good book and has some resources for kids going through it. So, yay! I’m going to have to check out our library’s copy and see how she did on the topic. I’m just glad someone’s taking this seriously.

Oh, and the “dirt and forgiveness” thing –I’ll have to expound further some other (more inspired) time, but the general image I got the other day was the paradox of dirt being a good thing. Dirt. The more dead stuff it has in it, the more stuff grows in it. Without it, there’d be no growth. Without it, we wouldn’t exist. Even though there was a curse on dirt in Genesis, the other side of the story is that even though it is cursed –it still is good. Extrapolate that to life-dirt. It’s the junk that gets thrown at us that fosters the most growth. Without the challenges and struggles, we wouldn’t grow. Get it?

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  1. I still think you should write the book anyway, even if someone else is too. You have a unique perspective. And I really like the dirt analogy.

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