Larry Norman, 1947-2008

Well, I was about to file this in the “what a bummer!” category, but I rethought …could you even imagine the moment he gets together again with Keith Green?? It’s enough to make me smile.

If you don’t know who I’m talking about —here’s a link to his wikipedia entry.

Below is a video of “Why Don’t You Look Into Jesus.” Wish I’d paid more attention –this song addresses some issues you might not want to explain to young kids, in case you play it in their presence. A good song, nevertheless, and a bit of the history of it.

2 thoughts on “Larry Norman, 1947-2008

  1. Wow, amazing that I only heard about this now. Such an influential (and often controversial) musician was scarcely mentioned in the press. But hey, the Keith and Larry reunion must be great. Thanks for this.

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