Adventures In Frugality …Making a price book, finally

After reading the idea in Amy Dacyzyn’s Tightwad Gazette, I’ve long intended to do a written-down price book –a list of items I regularly buy with the best prices I find at each store along with the date. Finally, I started one tonight. I’m still bumping my way around MS Excel (I can’t remember how to do the formula so I can automatically figure out the unit price, but I’ll find that next time) and I’m doing a spreadsheet I can update and automatically sort …and get the program to do the math for me :D. At any rate, it’s been a real eye-opener already. I’ve found two things out: first, stores often have sales on certain items on a cyclic basis  (–does everyone know this already and I’m just really dense??), second, what is a “sale” at one store is more often than I realized, way less everyday at another store. Now if only I had the computer knowledge to make my millions on a program that would download local sale information, combine it with a coupon database, and a price book …hmmm. The only problem is, of course, is that that would take all the fun out of it, and anyone who would care about that sort of thing would probably figure it wasn’t worth paying for. Oh well.