Happenings around Our House

Okay. Flickr bombed on me, so I’m trying a new way to post pictures. …yes, PICTURES!

Amaryah’s birthday was Tuesday –we celebrated with the cousins and homemade pizza, and cake of course.

Inspired by Karen, I decided NOT to buy another roll of wrapping paper, but instead to make some fabric gift bags (something I’d considered doing, being that I hate spending money on something that’s only going to get thrown out anyway). Here are some of my finished product. Yeah, the bed is a mess, I know. Our bedroom doubles as my sewing room, so when I’m in mid-project, the place gets kinda trashed. I had hoped I could get them done in less time (each bag takes me about 15-30 minutes), but as I get in the groove of making them, it gets faster, and I figure I can save them for next year, and get my wrapping done in record time! I got all the fabric for $1 a yard and the ribbon .50 a spool –clearance table at Wal-Mart, so the financial outgo wasn’t much more than it would have cost for wrapping paper anyway, when you figure I won’t need paper for next year, either. The black one with shiny stars is actually an organza-ish fabric I picked up post-Halloween. I didn’t think it’d work, but I recycled some red tissue paper from another gift, and it works quite well. The others are assorted plaids I picked up last spring. So, do you think I could make more of these (in brighter, more opaque fabric and sell them??? I’m thinking about doing something with an etsy.com site –just haven’t got it together yet. I’ve got lots and lots of ideas, and between Sam’s leather work and beadwork, and Elanor’s jewelry and my sewing, I’d think we could produce something worth hanging out a shingle, even if it’s a small one. We’ll have to see. Still got more things to finish before Christmas …which is only four days away. Why, oh why, do I always come up with the most ideas when I’m already swamped?

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  1. love the fabric wrapping idea! Check out the following links- on Rachael Ray they did this cool thing with a scarf wrapped around a present to look like a purse. It was pretty cool. We just used recycled gift bags from last year- I always save those things when we get gifts so we hardly ever need to buy it. Hope you guys are having a fun Christmas!



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