Corwin’s new truck, or Jehovah Jireh provides again

Corwin’s new truck

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So, Sam and I were all prepared to hit Evans (the store in Sheboygan Falls that carries EVERYTHING, and I do mean EVERY. THING. under the sun, including an extremely impressive toy section. We dropped off the kids, headed out to eat, and arrived at Evans… and for some bizarre reason, found that they close at 5 on Saturdays. I mean, really. WHO does that in the middle of the Christmas season. Who? Well, anyway, THEY seem to think they can do it. Humph.
Well, I soon found out why they close at 5 on Saturdays. …Because we had to go to Goodwill to find this truck, that’s why. We had planned on finding Corwin a fire truck with lights and stuff to press on it (sound optional…), and figured Evans would be the place to look. Not so, apparently.
After perusing the books for a few minutes, I decided to head off to the toy section, because I’ve had a phenomenal record for finding great toys for the kids there, including a pop-up Dora tent for Amaryah last Christmas (retails for about $30, I got it for $7), still in new condition and in the box, and a new in-the-box Take-Along Thomas train set for Corwin’s birthday last year that is currently his favorite toy (retails for over $25, I got it for $12).
I couldn’t find much in the line of toys this time, it being mid-December and all, and as I figured I’d just hit Evans later in the week, I came upon this marvelously huge fire truck just sitting there on a kitchen chair in the furniture section. Ever had a moment where you just knew God was smiling? So, trying to contain myself, I tucked this ENOROMOUS truck under my arm and went off to find a cart and find Sam, overhearing a lady commenting on my great find (or, if you prefer a more Calvinistic way of putting it, my serendipitous experience with God’s provision).
So, we have an enormous -and working, once we replaced the batteries- nearly new fire truck hidden in our closet until we find a way to wrap it. The icing on the cake –I looked it up on the Tonka website, and I have a new record for Goodwill toy finds …drum roll please… A $59.99 truck, bought for $9.99. Is God great or what? Corwin is gonna have a blast.