Thoughts on Christmas Trees –a dilemma

After about 15 minutes of philosophical discussion on whether to get a real tree again this year or finally break down and get an artificial one, the latter choice became the one. We now have a genuine Made In China plastic and metal “tree” in our living room.

The irony? We’d also talked a couple years ago about doing a “natural” theme for the tree, and this year, our metal and plastic “tree” will be decked with birds, pinecones, and a really cool pinecone and cinnamon stick garland we found at Target. I know, a few years ago I would have refused to buy it, arguing that it’s something I could easily make myself, but reality has set in (I have no time), and we bought it (see, one compromise begets another…). Besides, have you ever tried to find small pinecones in early December in Wisconsin, with two inches of ice-crusted snow on the ground? Not very possible. Oh, and, needing new lights (we haven’t had a “big” tree in years –we’ve used our tabletop tree), I splurged and bought energy-efficient LED lights, continuing the “green” theme. On our artificial tree. …Well, at least we didn’t go all out and buy pine scented spray to make up for the glorious aroma this “tree” lacks. Now, THAT would be going too far. So, somewhere out in a lonely snow-covered meadow, a tree is still growing that we saved from a certain death by decoration. Now that I think of it, why should some poor tree give its oxygen-providing life to give our family a month of pine-scented gaudiness? Perhaps we made the right decision after all.