Today, I had a new idea of what Easter is supposed to be about. Victory. I don’t know why I managed to miss that all these years growing up in church and walking with God, but somehow I don’t think I really got that aspect of Easter. As we were standing in church this morning I thought about Sam’s grandparents, who lost a stillborn daughter around Easter. I can’t imagine there’s been an Easter since when they haven’t thought about her. I always thought that would have been about the worst day to lose someone (as if there’s a good day to lose a loved one…), but I see it now as a reminder that because of Jesus’ victory over death, that victory is enjoyed by those who follow him. I thought this morning (it’s been two weeks since our last family funeral) about the people I’ve lost in the last few years and the ones celebrating Easter with Jesus. It sounds kind of Hallmarkish, but it really gave me a good dose of encouragement.