Freaky tooth things and gazelles…


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Well, Elanor finally lost her tooth –while she was sleeping. When I got up yesterday morning, she was sitting up, holding out her tooth for me to examine, very excited. I asked her when it came out –she apparently had it in her mouth sometime in the night after it came out. Maybe my threat to come in and pull it while she was sleeping would have been a good idea… it kind of scares me to think she could have swallowed it (or worse). Anyway, it’s gone now, and her permanent tooth (yes, one on the top!) is budging its way in, shoving aside her center top teeth in the process. Aaaargh. She’s got a dentist appointment on the 20th. Hopefully he’ll pull the loose top tooth that’s next to it (it’s grey and dead since a face-first fall onto a bench when she was three) and not be too concerned about how it will all fit together. And the bottom one is showing signs of moving out soon, too, so she’s going to have a very strange smile for a while.
On other fronts, we’re renewing our quest for debt elimination –still trying to find a better job that would use Sam’s education. It really seems stupid for someone with a master’s degree to be making a sub-living wage testing soda and watching cans all day. There’s got to be something better out there close to home. Meanwhile, I’m checking out and thinking that this might be our collective way to hang out a shingle and sell some of our creative output. Sam has been making jewelry for himself for a couple years now and I’ve usually got a few dozen sewing or knitting projects going, so what’s a few dozen more, right? I’ll keep you posted on it.
Time to get the kids up from nap. Elanor’s in a drug-induced mini-coma (on benadryl to help her cold and cough symptoms), and the other two are suffering from a lack of sleep due to Elanor’s hacking half the night last night, so they’re still soundly asleep. It’s so hard to wake them, but I know if I don’t they’ll not be asleep until 9 or later, and the vicious cycle will continue.