Elanor and Corwin

Not many deep thoughts today. Just a desire to ramble a bit. I bought Michael W. Smith’s new album on ITunes this morning …a bit of a disappointment. It’s okay, just not what I remember from his stuff from when I was growing up. I don’t know if I’ve outgrown his music or what.
I managed to survive today, which is remarkable due to the fact that Sam was gone most of the morning interviewing with a temp agency to try and make up some of the hours he might miss from his weird hours at Krier, plus he had to go in to work early for the monthly meeting, so I’ve been mostly alone with the kids all day. He’s off tomorrow, and perhaps next Wednesday, and it’s hard to complain about either, since it means I get a break tomorrow (going to a scrapbooking workshop tomorrow night), and we might be able to leave “early” for Thanksgiving. It’s getting more and more tempting to just coast along with this job just in the name of stability, which we both badly need. The bills are getting paid, and we’re doing okay, just not spectacularly.
I’m knee deep in Christmas projects, mostly knitting for now. I desperately need a warmish hat that doesn’t make me look like a freak, so I started one with some black yarn leftover from a craft project and a free pattern, on top of the other little projects I’m doing for Christmas, and another wool soaker (to cover cloth diapers –the wool keeps the outside clothes dry due to the absorbing/water repelling properties of the wool… it’s pretty amazing) for Corwin. I knitted a pair of wool “longies” for Amaryah when she was little, but ran into a problem with the feet, so I didn’t get them done until Corwin was on the way. That’s the picture I hope to put above this, if it works. The heartbreaking thing is that this morning when I got him out of bed, there was a huge hole in the crotch where something either got pulled out or ripped. I think I can fix it, though.
I’m teaching Elanor how to knit –ordered a book for her online that should come soon. She’s started making finger crochet chains and caught on right away. Hopefully it’ll give her something to do on the way to Mom and Dad’s next week. We’re planning an Elanor and Mom trip to Bahr Creek Llamas’ fiber shop sometime this weekend to check out the place, to see how yarn is made (something I’d like to know myself) and get some wool yarn for her to start on. We were browsing online and she immediately pointed out three beautiful coordinating bright pastels, just like nothing. She has an amazing eye for color.
Well, there’s a kitchen floor and a mop calling my name (…and somewhere in there I think I hear a bowl of ice cream trying to drown it out). Time to get going and see if I can come up with something else to write.